Leica Rugby 680 Dual Grade

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The Leica Rugby 680 Laser Level is a dual grade construction laser level with digital efficiency. Made for the concrete contractor.

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The Leica Rugby 680 Laser Level

Designed specifically for the concrete contractor, slope applications are easily accomplished with the dial-in display.

Whether your requirements are for long range levelling, developing footings and foundations or concrete forming, the Leica Rugby 680 provides a high levelling accuracy with dual slope.

The Leica Rugby 680 is protected to IP67 dust and water protected and has a glass cage for industry leading protection. The tough housing protects the instrument and incorporates over molded rubber handles for increased grip to provide ultimate protection.

Working Range

The Leica Rugby 680 offers a greater working range, with up to 800m operating diameter with the Rod Eye 120 / 140 / 160.

Self-Levelling or Manual Slope

Setting-up the Leica Rugby 680 is very simple; the instrument will automatically turn on with the self-level activated. However, when required, manual slope matching up to 8% in dual axis can be setup.

A unique Smart Slope feature will continue to monitor temperature and time to make sure performance and accuracy are maintained throughout its use.

H.I. Alert

The H.I. or Elevation Alert function monitors the levelling of the laser beam. Any significant disturbance or movement will cause the alert function to activate. The Leica Rugby 680 will stop operation and will sound an alarm to prevent possible errors.

Out of Level Indication

During normal operation, the Leica Rugby 680 continuously self-levels. Small vibrations and disturbances may cause an out of level condition. The head will stop momentarily and the emission LED will blink until the unit re-levels and work can resume.

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Product Highlights

  • Self levelling
  • Dual grade
  • 800m operating diameter
  • H.I. or Elevation Alert function
  • IP67 dust and water protected
What's Included

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