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Safety Equipment Hire Rates

We continue to grow our hire fleet and we are now the largest supplier of safety equipment in the UK. With over 6 offices nationwide, you can hire equipment when and where your requirements determine.

Our comprehensive range of safety equipment covers everything you may need. If there is anything that you are unable to find, please call our hire desk on 0800 0699533 and they will do all they can to help you.

List of available Surveying equipment for hire

Levels weekly £
Automatic Engineers (optical)
complete with tripod & staff
Automatic Precise (optical)
complete with tripod & staff
Automatic Precise
complete with parallel plate micrometer, tripod & staff
Electronic Digital Level
complete with tripod & staff
Metal Levelling Staff 6.00
Invar Levelling Staff 10.00
Ranging Poles 5.00

Theodolites weekly £
Optical Reading
complete with tripod
Electronic / Digital
complete with tripod
Single Traverse / Sighting Target
complete with tripod
Long Diagonal Eyepiece Set 10.00

Total Stations weekly £
Non Reflectorless
complete with tripod, detail pole & prism
from 50.00
complete with tripod, detail pole & prism
from 75.00
Robotic 1 Man System from 220.00
1/2 Traverse Prism Set
1 x prism, target holder, tribrach; 1 x tripod
Full Traverse Prism Set
2 x prism, target holder, tribrach; 2 x tripod
Mini Prism Kit 10.00

GNSS & GPS System weekly £
GPS Surveying Systems
complete with tripod
from 350.00

Laser Equipment weekly £
Exterior Rotating Laser (invisible beam)
complete with detector eye, tripod & staff
Interior Rotating Laser (visible beam)
complete with trim clamp, target & laser glasses
Grade Laser (single or dual grade)
complete with detector eye, tripod & staff
Pipe Laser 25.00
Detector Eye 10.00
Machine Control Laser Receiver 35.00
Height Adjustable Tripod 15.00

Measuring & Inspection weekly £
Automatic Plummet (optical / laser) 45.00
Distance Measuring Laser 25.00
Moisture Meter 25.00
Road Measuring Wheel 25.00
Noise Meter 25.00
Light Meter 25.00
Sound Meter 25.00
Cavity Wall Inspection Kit 35.00
Micro Covermeter (with electronic display) 45.00
Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer 45.00

List of available Safety equipment for hire

Full Safety Sets weekly £
Standard Safety Set
Tripod, Rescue Recovery Block, Harness, Gas Monitor, Escape Set
Man Riding Safety Set
Standard Safety Set + Man Riding Winch

Gas Monitors
1 - 4 Sensor Gas Monitor 25.00
5 Sensor Gas Monitor (variable sensors) from 55.00
Area Gas Monitor from 75.00

Breathing Apparatus
10 Minute Escape Apparatus 10.00
30 Minute Working Appartus 45.00
30 Minute Rebreathing Apparatus 10.00

Fall Arrest Systems
Fall Arrest Kit Tripod, 15m Rescue Recovery Block 40.00
Safety Harness 5.00
Lanyard 5.00
Safety Rope / Life Line 10.00

Safety Accessories
Safety Lamps 15.00
Safety Torches 15.00
Safety Cap Lamps 25.00

Cable Avoidance
Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) Standard 10.00
Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) Depth 12.00
Radiodetection RD4000, RD7000, RD8000 65.00
Signal Generator / Transmitter (Genny) 10.00
Signal Clamp 10.00
Plastic Pipe Tracer 20.00
Sonde 10.00
Cable Detection EZiROD Service Tracer 35.00
Cobra Duct Rodding Systems 25.00

Drain Camera
Drain Camera - Basic 85.00
Drain Camera - Advanced with video 125.00

Metal Detector
Metal Detector - Hand Held 20.00
Metal Detector - Drain Covers 20.00

Communication Equipment
Two-way Radio & DTI User License 5.00
Waterproof Two-way Radio & DTI User License 18.00
ATEX Two-way Radio & DTI User License 18.00
Micro Base Station 35.00

Prices are per week.

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